• "The Wanderer" - Doina Alexei Fall Editorial

         Emotion and intensity are the best ways to describe our recent editorial with photographer Olivia Hunter of Olivia Hunter Photography. The mood is filled with movement and mystery. The body's articulation goes hand in hand with facial expression to create an image that comes alive and tells a story. Lisa B of Wilhelmina Models played the role of "The Wanderer", a title that captured the unknown magnitude of Central Park and the intensity in every single one of her movements. 

         The garments drape around the body in a natural, casual fashion. Lisa rarely makes eye contact with the camera, creating a powerful connection between her and the setting.  The viewer wants to learn more, and is drawn to her emotion-filled facial expressions.  Even in a close up image the vastness of central park is hard to ignore- the large boulders and trees in the background create mystery and texture without overwhelming the style lines of the clothing. The natural colors of the garments fall perfectly in place next to the grey tones of the boulders. In black and white this creates just the right amount of contrast while remaining in a monochromatic flow. This way,  the setting is visually explored as a whole, where the interaction between the movement of the clothing and the background takes you on a journey to explore an emotion-filled story. 

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